Designing graphics for elementary educators has been a dream of mine in the making for several years. At the age of 18 I longed to be an artist, and now ten years later I am living out my passion to benfits others!


I started out teaching 3rd grade in Ohio for three years, prior to getting married and moving to Florida. I am going into my second year of teaching Kindergarten and could not be happier! I am loving married life, excited about moving into our new home and launching "Lisa's Little Graphics!"


Outside the classroom, I enjoy teaching ZUMBA fitness, spending quality time with my husband when he is home from deployments and traveling. Through hard work and savings, I have had the pleasure of visiting over 15 countries.


My international expereinces have opened my eyes and mind to the beauty our world holds. I have more apprecation for the "tiny fish" that make up the "big ocean" and I have gathered the tools necassary to "dive" into the "reef" to assist others in achieving their teaching objectives through my artwork.   

Custom Art
for educators
with heart

Teaching Experience 

I have taught 3rd grade for three years and I'm in my second year of teaching Kindergarten. I have international and state wide experience which I have infused into my classroom themes and teaching styles. Students are universal. They all need love, attention and education which I plan to provide through the use of my graphics and innovative lesson plans. 


Teaching Style 

• Creating a dynamic teacher-student relationship through the use of interactive, hands-on graphics that facilitate student ownership of learning. 


• Transfer and apply cognitive and social skills across disciplines through the use of innovative lesson plans.